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Here at RPMA, we train our students in the fundamentals of Shaolin Kenpo Karate. We emphasize solid stance work, strong punches & kicks, and grappling & take downs.

Start your journey toward Excellence, With THE SEACOAST SHAOLIN KENPO Experts.

Rising Phoenix Martial Arts strives to create a drama free learning environment for our students. We don’t let our students bully each other and we don’t let our instructors bully our students. We believe respect is a two-way street.

Our philosophy is that martial arts can be for anyone. If you have the desire to learn and work hard, we can help you achieve your goals.

Sensei Brian Eibert

Sensei Brian began his Shaolin Kenpo Karate journey in 2001 with his younger brother. He has been training and teaching ever since. His passion to teach started early in his martial arts career and has sustained. Sensei Brian earned his 3rd-dan black belt and has also trained extensively in wushu, Tai Chi, and a variety of weapons.

When Sensei Brian isn’t teaching martial arts, he enjoys spending time with his family and furthering his learning in other fields. In 2022, Sensei Brian graduated from college with a degree in teaching middle-school mathematics.

Instructor Brian Dailey

Instructor Brian has been with the RPMA family since 2014. He earned his 1st-dan black belt in 2020. He enjoys working with students of all ages and is a favorite of many junior students. His depth of knowledge and ability to relate to students also makes him an asset with the adults.

Outside of the dojo, Brian involves himself with charitable community events and  enjoys taking scenic rides throughout New England on his motorcycle.

Instructor DJ Gagnon

Instructor DJ started their martial arts journey at the age of 7 in Shorin-Ryu Karate. They earned a 4th-dan black belt prior to joining RPMA. They have now earned their 1st-dan black belt in Shaolin Kenpo Karate and enjoy training in animal styles and working with weapons.

Outside of the dojo, Instructor DJ enjoys mixology, tabletop gaming and baking obscure recipes.

Instructor John-Edward Hynes

Instructor John began taking classes after he saw how much fun his kids were having. He has since earned his 1st-dan black belt. He is passionate about body mechanics and how to apply them in the martial arts. He also brings a practical philosophy to his teaching.

When not at the dojo, Instructor John works in the IT field and is an amateur electronics aficionado. He enjoys riding motorcycles and fishing as a means to enjoy solitude.

About Shaolin Kenpo Karate

Shaolin Kenpo Karate is an artform that has one foot in history and one foot in the present.

Originally formed as a combination of Japanese art forms and taught in Hawaii as Kosho Shorei-Ryū Kenpo, it has undergone many changes since its founding in the 1930s. Shaolin Kenpo Karate focuses on striking, kicking, grappling, and felling (take downs). It combines some of the traditional concepts from hard-styles of Okinawan karate as well as the fluid movements of Chinese wushu.


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