Our Class Offerings

We offer classes for students from 5-years old and up. Whatever your age, we have a class to fit your goals and abilities.

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Pee Wee Class (5-6)

This class is specially designed for our younger students. We strive to keep our kids moving while emphasizing proper fundamentals like stances, strikes, and kicks. We also spend time teaching our students the appropriate time to use these techniques. This is a great class to get your youngster started in!

Junior Class (7-14)

Our Junior class is perfect for students looking to dive into the martial arts, whether they have never trained before or have taken classes elsewhere. We keep the tempo high while teaching quality self-defense techniques as well as traditional forms. We balance proper discipline with fun to offer a unique learning experience.

Adult Class (15 and up)

We combine a great workout with flexibility training and our Shaolin Kenpo Karate curriculum. This class has all rank levels allowing newer students to learn from their peers as well as the lead instructor. The class is fun and unintimidating for new students. Come join our friendly learning atmosphere.

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